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What if one day an old working relationship from the UK reaches out to you and says that they would like to use your services for setting up a warehouse in mainland Europe. After Brexit. When Covid was at its peak. Was it a one-woman job? No. Did I take up the challenge? Yes!

Let me tell you more about it with a case study from the client’s perspective.


Case Study: C.A. Pumps B.V.

As a direct result of the UK voting to leave the European Union, UK companies operating internationally, found themselves facing lengthy delays on scheduled deliveries, combined with customers being both confused and frustrated, while trying to learn about import duties, taxes and paperwork. One of those companies was Charles Austen Pumps Ltd., a long-established UK vacuum pump manufacture who specialise in vacuum solutions for the Medical, Waste Water and HVAC industries. They have a global presence and Europe is a key market. Brexit led Charles Austen Pumps towards establishing its own European entity on mainland Europe. As a result C.A. Pumps B.V was born.

While establishing C.A. Pumps B.V. the world was facing the COVID pandemic. UK businesses were unable to travel due to the various restrictions and travel bans. Studio No. 83 were selected to be the eyes, ears, and feet on the ground for Charles Austen Pumps during the entire process of forming the company, looking for premises in The Netherlands and finally becoming fully operational.

Why choose Studio No.83?  

Charles Austen Pumps had worked with Studio No. 83’s founder Ryanne Ruijsbroek about 5yrs prior on a previous HVAC related project, before her setting up Studio No.83. During that process we found Ryanne to be professional, fast and a person who always got the job done. Her speed and efficiency towards her work was immediately impressive and allowed the project to be completed ahead of the anticipated time. Her enthusiasm, experience and hard work ethic left a lasting impression. Once Charles Austen Pumps had decided on The Netherlands as a suitable location, the next challenge was “who can we trust to oversee this for us?”. Ryanne was the candidate who stood out above anyone else being considered.

What did Studio No.83 do?

Studio No. 83 liaised between the UK and The Netherlands. Ryanne actively assisted with overseeing the company formation, tax, requirements, accounting & legal services, viewing and finding premises, agreeing terms for the service providers, recruitment agencies, employment. As well as setting up the operational side of the business, fully equip the warehouse and take care of all peripheral matters. Charles Austen Pumps could request what they required in The Netherlands, Studio No. 83 would make it actually happen – always on time and within budget!

What does Charles Austen Pumps has to say about Studio No. 83?

Getting a new business set up in a foreign country is a huge challenge in itself. When you can’t set foot in that country then even the smallest jobs can become difficult. We were fortunate to have Studio No. 83 fully on our side and to have the level of confidence in knowing we could depend on Ryanne to be working hard. She has always kept our best interests at the centre of what she was doing.

Ryanne is an approachable, trustworthy individual who has an incredible range of skills. We benefited from her ability to swiftly complete wide range of varying jobs, as a company we could fully depend on her to get the work done in the time needed & maintain our strict budget. At all stages we received detailed & honest feedback allowing us to know exactly what was happening along the way. While the main task of setting up the business is now completed, we are continuing to work with Studio No. 83 who is now supporting us on the essential daily operational aspects of the business and remains our local representative.